Blank Editions

I set up Blank Editions in 2012 as a vehicle to release my friends music in my hometown of Hackney and the greater London area.

The Blank Editions imprint has three catalogues that we release music under: 

  • The Blank Community

  • The Solo Series

  • The Blank Tapes

All are limited edition series released in small quantities and in handmade packaging.

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Ice Baths - Decadent Sprinter EP
Label: Blank Editions
Release Date: April 2019

Role: Designer | Art Director 

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Ice Baths - Self Titled LP
Label: Blank Editions
Release Date: March 2018

Role: Designer | Art Director 

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A Lily - Id-Dar Tal-Missier LP
Label: Blank Editions
Release Date: Summer 2018

Role: Designer | Art Director

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Aathens - Virtue Signal LP
Label: Blank Editions
Release Date: November 2017

Role: Designer | Art Director

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Ben Vince - Monuments LP

Label: Blank Editions
Release Date: Feb 2017

Role: Designer | Art Director 

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Illustrations by Alejandra Salinas and Aeron Bergman.

Douglas Hart - Let's Form A Cell EP
Label: Blank Editions
Release Date: September 2016

Role: Designer | Art Director |  Drummer

Housewives - Work LP
Label: Blank Editions | Negative Days | Hands In The Dark
Release Date: November 2015

Role: Co / Publisher

Designed in collaboration with Joseph Rafferty

TOMAGA - familiar obstacles LP
Label: Blank Editions | Negative Days | Hands In The Dark
Release Date: November 2015

Role: Designer | Cover Illustration by Ross Adams


New Dance
b/w Time She Stopped

Label: Blank Editions
Release Date: June 2015

Role: Designer

Following on from last year’s Faux Discx self-titled cassette-only E.P. Housewives join our new catalogue ‘The Blank Community’ to deliver two tracks of brutalist post-punk.

Opener ‘New Dance’ is 1 minute and 33 seconds of sonic assault that brings to mind the nervous marriage of disco and no-wave pioneered by the New York scene of 135 Grand Street, while Side B’s ‘Time She Stopped’ flaunts a degenerative collapse of all things resembling structure as the volatile dismantling of the record pulses out to a close.

Pressing Details

  • Edition of 300

  • Hand-numbered reverseboard
    card covers

  • Collector's Insert housed in a stamped envelope

  • Download Code

The Solo Series

Launched in 2012, The Solo Series is a collection of 7” vinyl records housed in handmade sleeves and editioned in small runs by associates from the local area who contribute or have contributed to some of our favoutite acts.


Yuki Tsujii

I'm Rubbish But I Love You
Label: Blank Editions
Release Date: June 2014

Role: Designer

Bo Ningen are an act on regular rotation at our office and we had wanted to work with the members for a while. When our good friend Edgar Smith from Niqab introduced us to guitarist Yuki Tsujii we were delighted to hear that Yuki already had a stock of recordings that were pretty much ready for release.

“I'm Rubbish But I Love You” was the recording chosen for the 7”, The composition is a piece written and performed by Yuki as a gift to his mother who resides in his homeland of Japan.

The piece was recorded by fellow Bo Ningen member Taigen Kawabe and mixed by both parties.

Pressing Details

  • Edition of 300

  • Black vinyl with light brown and black printed labels

  • 300 gsm printed inner sleeve that is stamped and numbered

  • Printed tracing paper outer sleeve

  • Collector's Insert

  • Leaf taken from a local Hackney park inserted into each record

Thurston Moore

b/w Germs Burn

Label: Blank Editions
Release Date: February 2014

Role: Designer

Pressing Details

  • Edition of 500

  • Black vinyl with colour printed labels

  • Handcut, numbered, stamped and printed card covers

  • Postcard

Founding member of Sonic Youth and Chelsea Light Moving, Thurston Moore joins The Solo Series with two original compositions paying homage to N16 London and international communicatzian actions.

Ted Milton

Let Them Be
bw /Midi Dans Le Midi

Label: Blank Editions
Release Date: November 2013

Role: Designer

Ted Milton is known as the primary song writer and creative force behind Blurt. He is also the only remaining original member since their 1979 formation in Stroud, Gloucestershire.

The seven-inch single is the latest release in a long history that includes a series of singles on Factory records and sharing the stage with Joy Division, Cabaret Voltaire, and A Certain Ratio.

Following the tradition of previous entries in the ongoing Solo Series, this limited edition single arrives in a card sleeve that is stamped, hand numbered and finished with a special insert that is linked to the video for the A side.


Pressing Details

  • Edition of 250

  • Black vinyl with black on white printed labels

  • Yellow card covers with xerox print

  • 100 Dollar bill

Douglas Hart

X Film Plus Ultra
b/w Pre-Paradise (Memories Of
The Future)

Label: Blank Editions
Release Date: May 2013

Role: Designer

Founding member of The Jesus and Mary Chain and award winning music video and film director Douglas Hart joins The Solo Series with two original compositions co-produced with Toby Kidd at Sleepwalker studios, London.

Douglas and I shared a studio in Soho several years ago where we'd discuss records and films for hours. Eventually, the talk of Douglas contributing a couple of recordings for The Solo Series came up and Toby Kidd was brought in again to co-produce the affair.

Pressing Details

  • Edition of 250

  • Black vinyl with black on orange printed labels

  • Grey card covers with xerox print and lettraset rubbed on each

  • Orange folded insert, with tracing paper stapled on the outside, containing a cut-off of a Super 8 Kodak Ektachrome film strip owned and shot by Douglas Hart

Joseph Coward

Children’s Bones
b/w Fat & Ugly

Label: Blank Editions
Release Date: February 2013

Role: Designer

Our friend Samir Eskanda, who played in Flats and now in Charlie Boyers full blown band The Voyeurs, presented us with a couple of fresh recordings by Joseph Coward who he was managing. We had seen Joseph play in the past and were blow away at how engaging he was as a performer but also how well written his songs were. We were excited to put these recordings out as a very limited 7".

Pressing Details

  • Edition of 100

  • Black vinyl with black
    and white printed labels

  • Blue card covers with black print of a castle

  • Lyric insert printed on different colored paper (25 blue, 25 orange, 25 purple, and 25 green)

  • Original Photograph

Charles Boyer

b/w You Haven’t Got A Chance

Label: Blank Editions
Release Date: March 2012

Role: Designer

Our very first release.
We kicked off The Solo Series back in 2012 with some phenomenal odd pop from Electricity In Our Homes’ own Charles Boyer.

This is the record that eventually formed Charlie's current Repertoire, The Voyeurs.

Pressing Details

  • Edition of 200

  • Black vinyl with black and white printed labels

  • Matrix reads “Don't shop on Denmark Street" and "All middlemen are bad"

  • Black card covers with photographs of Charles glued to each side.

  • Printed yellow folded numbered insert

The Blank Tapes

The Blank Tapes hope to provide an informal space for development and experimentation, creating a platform for our associates to issue audio sessions normally not available to the general public.


Charcoal Owls

The Coventry Campbell
Label: Blank Editions
Release Date: July 2015

Role: Designer and Art Director

28 Minutes
Edition of 75 cassettes packaged in a 180 gsm extended j card with a download code. 

Charcoal Owls is Russell Walker from Pheromoans / Bomber Jackets / The Lloyd Pack and Tom Scott (Skire Music). The Coventry Campbell, a kitchen sink homage to the now defunct Coventry Campbell pub, is the duo’s fourth release (preceded by two tapes and one full-length vinyl album, Tin Roof on Night School Records). 

The Coventry Campbell employs experimental field recordings, piano improvisations, and mostly acoustic instruments to create an intriguing and minimalistic atmosphere complimentary to Walker’s unique storytelling.



familiar obstacles
Label: Blank Editions
Release Date: April 2015

Role: Designer
Artwork: Ross Adams

London based duo TOMAGA present 'familiar obstacles', a sprawling assemblage of over thirty compositions that channel the more diverse elements of their multifaceted sound world into a feverishly divergent blend.

If Futura Grotesk is the wakeful thought form, familiar obstacles is the unconscious interzone, evoking numerous shades of their musical hinterland; the results fusing studio experiment, field recording, and tonal spectrum into something that by turns resembles musique concrete, imaginary soundtrack and library music.


Thurston Moore

Sun Gift Earth
Label: Blank Editions
Release Date: October 2014

Role: Designer
Artwork: Julien Langendorff

2 Tracks - 15 Minutes
Special commemorative recording honouring comet-chaser Rosetta and its November 2014 landing on 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko.

Sonic Youth founder Thurston Moore sings to the spacecraft with heavenly accompaniment by Hush Arbors on guitar, Samara Lubelski on ethereal violin and Sunburned Hand of the Man's John Moloney on drums. This original seven minute and twenty second song is a rare treat from this group recorded to honour Sun Ra on the occasion of his Earth-birth centennial.

Side B's "Rebellion of Joy" is a bliss-metal excursion of four minutes and twenty seconds splendid in instrumental chaos sounding much like the cassette's cover artwork: Sun-drenched goddesses smeared into a black magick skull galaxy.



Title TBA
Label: Blank Editions
Release Date: April 2014

Role: Designer

6 Tracks - 30 Minutes
The debut recordings from Hackney-based COP

Close of Play/Crime or Punishment/Coven of Pricks formed on August 25, 2012 when Neil Armstrong died. 18 months of relative inactivity later, the band’s first physical release came in the form of a track on Malicious Telecommunications‘ Another Subculture tape to help raise funds for the DIY Space for London project.

One month later COP began practising under its current line-up and played their first show in March 2014 as part of the Challenging Behavior weekend. The next week the band recorded these songs for their first release proper on Blank Editions.

Financed by a redundancy payment COP are about to launch Unwork Records, a label born of the Unwork/Fuck-up Force nights that the band begun in October 2012.



Great White Overlord
Label: Blank Editions
Release Date: April 2014

Role: Designer

5 Tracks - 28 Minutes
The debut recordings from Hackney-based Niqab.

The songs on side A were written towards the end of last year and recorded by the band in November in Cable Street Studios where they rehearse. They were mixed in December and the surrounding good will and great advertising may have influenced their glossy commercial sound. The songs are about timeless experiences and feelings: being young and living for today, chip shop dinners, going out and having the best night of your life (and the morning after!) then doing it all again and again and again.

The band reconvened late in February to record the B side. To contrast with the tighter or more conventional song structures on the first side, they jammed freely for an afternoon and then, aided by Logic and a Fostex M80, went back over the material, cutting-up, rearranging and splicing it with field recordings. These include a recording of band members being made redundant in January and a subsequent trip to Marrakech.


[ ] [ ]

War Room
Label: Blank Editions
Release Date: April 2014

Role: Designer and Art Director

3 Tracks - 15 Minutes
This is a pre-Electricity In Our Homes project from 2006.

These songs were recorded in Bonnie Carr’s lounge at the Chronos Building in Whitechapel, E1 in 2006.

Inspired by some amazing local musicians, like EIOH drummer Paul Linger, Neils Children frontman John Linger and fellow EIOH bandmate Charlie Boyer, these songs represent a raw response to Whitechapel itself and the city's geographical lure.


Neils Children

Serial Music # 1
Label: Blank Editions
Release Date: April 2014

Role: Designer and Art Director

10 Tracks - 22 Minutes
The new cassette-only mini album from Neils Children.

This work represents a side of the band never before heard, concentrating on purely instrumental pieces and atmospheric mood music. Recorded live in the band’s studio in Hackney, London, this collection represents a more personal and intimate view of Neils Children.

Influenced by library music and soundtracks, ambient soundscapes and field recordings, ‛Serial Music # 1’ isn't a follow-up to the group’s 2013 album ‛Dimly Lit’, rather it runs alongside it. Incorporating the album's atmospheric interludes and improvised sections the music could be, to borrow a cliche, a soundtrack to an unimagined film or the backdrop to a nocturnal journey... Either way, ‘Serial Music # 1’ offers a glimpse of the band behind the band.